More footage found on Facebook of Christchurch attacks

Newstalk ZB staff,
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Thursday, 23 May 2019, 5:39PM
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The Chief Censor David Shanks joins Heather du Plessis-Allan to talk about the latest finding of footage from the Christchurch mosque attacks.

Video footage of the Christchurch mosque shootings continues to be spread on Facebook, after a New York-based researcher Eric Feinberg located the "game" on that is based on the mosque massacres.

A few frames in, it switches from game action to raw footage of the shootings, taken by the alleged gunman in the real-life March 15 attacks, which saw 51 slain.

Hate content campaigner Feinberg has documented a series of stills from the Facebook page. He discovered it yesterday.

The Herald alerted Facebook to its presence this morning and it was taken offline soon after.

It had been up for around two months, the researcher said.

Shanks says for Facebook, this is disappointing but expected.

"We know Facebook and other big platforms are really struggling to manage content on their platforms and identify it and remove it, and this is all proof of that."

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