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Mike Bush: New Zealanders must remain vigilant

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Wednesday, 17 April 2019, 6:04p.m.
Police will no longer be armed on a routine basis. (Photo / AP)

Police are warning New Zealanders that they still need to be vigilant.

The country's Terrorism Threat Level was lowered today from high to medium, almost five weeks after Christchurch terror attacks.

That means a terrorist attack is assessed as feasible, but there are no specific threats agencies are responding to.

Police Commissioner Mike Bush told Larry Williams says that it means a threat is no longer likely. 

"We have no information to suggest anyone is planning anything at this point."

Bush says that feasible does not mean we are back to our former low level.

"It doesn't mean we can completely relax. We still need to remain vigilant, we need to be cautious."

The change in the threat level means that police will return to being a routinely unarmed service.

"Time from time, based on various situations, you may see police armed, no need to be concerned," Bush says. 

He says that they have communicated their stance to the RSA, but it remains up to them and the public what services they attend and organise.

However, Bush urges people to attend services where the police can monitor them. 


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