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Mother of terror victim not pleased with Victim Support

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Saturday, 11 May 2019, 10:05AM
Victim Support has come under fire over their handling of the Christchurch terror attack fund. (Photo / NZ Herald)

Families of Christchurch mosque attack victims say Victim Support hasn't worked as closely with them as it claims.

Victim Support today announced more than $10 million raised on Givealittle will be distributed this month.

Chief executive Kevin Tso says everything has been decided in consultation with the Muslim community.

"The pace of the distribution has been determined by the victims with a community engagement. We've been advised by them in terms of how the [money] should actually be distributed."

However, not all see it that way. Rosemary Omar, who lost her son Tariq in the attacks, told Mike Yardley she hasn't seen hide nor hair of them.

"The only real engagement has been with the Victim Support case manager, who's a volunteer and has been absolutely outstanding, but as far as the organisation goes, there has been no contact at all."

Omar says that she is pleased something is being done, but thinks that the Victim Support statements today is a bit vague and not very direct. 

However, she is hopeful that these claims will be followed through. 

Tso says none of the donations will be used on administration, but $1 million will be held back as a contingency fund for victims.


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