On-demand bus system could change rural public transport

Newstalk ZB,
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Thursday, 19 September 2019, 5:12PM
The new app will see buses be on demand. (Photo / Getty)

An on demand public transport system could revolutionise the way people in small towns get around.

The South Canterbury town of Timaru is trialing an on-call bus service whereby people can book a service using their phone.

ECAN's South Canterbrury Operations Manager Judith Earl-Goulet told Heather du-Plessis Allan it could be the future.

"It is a public transport so it's a shared ride. Phone up or use the app, book a ride for maybe 15 minutes ahead or later that afternoon, and jump on and get to your destination."

She says it's hoped it will offer a cheaper alternative to the current system.

"There;s an expense for travelling those buses around those routes and maintaining the system, and often those buses are empty at those times of the day."






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