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'Theresa May should have resigned'

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Wednesday, 16 January 2019, 5:19p.m.
Theresa May faces a vote of no confidence. (Photo / AP)

The future of Brexit is up in the air, but so is Theresa May’s future as a politician.

Her deal for the UK to exit the European Union was voted down by a huge majority of British MP’s this morning.

Former adviser to Tony Blair John McTernan told Andrew Dickens that the defeat is historic for a government.

“I don’t think there has been a larger defeat of a government in the time that we’ve had organised parties. It’s the biggest defeat for 100, 150 years.”

Shortly afterwards, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tabled a vote of no confidence in the government.

The vote, which will be held tomorrow morning our time, could trigger a general election.

McTernan says that a normal politician would have resigned immediately, and that there is no doubt that May has failed.

However, he doubts that she will be kicked out as she has support from her own MPs.

“She does have an agreement with a minor party, the DUP, who disagree with her on Brexit but who have got a confidence and supply agreement with her.”

Even though there are many Brexiteers who voted against May, McTernan says that the Conservatives are united only in keeping Jeremy Corbyn out of power.

He says that May is very stubborn and she could survive, as long as the public maintains their confidence in her.

“She is absolutely dogged and determined. She does have a strategy, she wants to keep putting the same deal to people until they realise it’s her deal or no deal.”



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