Branding expert: Air NZ made right choice changing tattoo policy

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Monday, 10 June 2019, 8:00PM
Jill Brinsdon says the policy seemed hypocritical when koru are a key part of Air New Zealand's brand. (Photo / NZ Herald)

An expert says Air New Zealand needed to change its tattoo rules. 

The airline has backtracked on its no tattoo policy, and from September all employees will be able to show a non-offensive tattoo and Ta Moko's while working.

Research done by the airline reveals one in five kiwi adults has at least one tattoo. 

Brand strategist Jill Brinsdon told Heather du Plessis Allan when the company has Maori language and signage throughout their brand, they contradict themselves. 

"Saying no, you're not allowed to put it on yourself, we're using it but you're not allowed to use. So there was a sense that something was out of step." 

She says that the company will likely be forgiven for taking so long to change their policy.

"I think really Air New Zealand just got caught napping. They are a big, strong, Kiwi brand, they are one of our favourites. There's a few brands that we love, and we forgive easily." 






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