Welsh campaigner thrilled by steepest street record

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Tuesday, 16 July 2019, 8:18PM
Ffordd Pen Llech, a street in the North Wales town of Harlech, has now been awarded the title.

Utter joy and jubilation for the man who campaigned to have a Welsh street named the steepest in the world.

Dunedin's Baldwin Street has lost its crown to a steeper road in the town of Harlech.

Campaigner Gwyn Headley told Heather du Plessis Allan he was a bit nervous because there were 10 strict criteria to meet.

"We made nine of them with ease, but the tenth one worried me a little bit. They wanted a blueprint of the street, and the streets have been there since time immemorial, it is over a thousand years old."

Headley says that the world record officials accepted that the street was not designed but happened naturally.

He was inspired to get the record after all four tyres on his car locked, making him realise just how steep the street was. 

"I looked up on Wikipedia and said the street was the steepest in the UK, and then I had to see what the steepest in the world was."

Headley read about Baldwin Street and saw the gradient was 35 percent, but Ffordd Pen Llech's was already listed as 37.5 per cent.

"That was 10 months ago, I had no idea it would take this long."

He says that the whole of Harlech was behind him in the mission. 

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