Donald Trump meeting could result in trade victory for Jacinda Ardern

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Tuesday, 17 September 2019, 5:21PM
Jacinda Ardern meets with Donald Trump next week. (Photo / File)

There are hopes our Prime Minister will be able to bargain with US President Donald Trump when they meet next week.

Jacinda Ardern will next week have her first sit down with President Trump in New York.

A big topic is expected to be trade. The US decided not to exclude New Zealand from its steel and aluminium tariffs last year.

It's since made some of its allies, including Australia, exempt from paying an import tax.

Trade expert Charles Finny Heather du Plessis-Allan it's very hard to say our exports are a threat to US national security, which is what's being used as an excuse for these tariffs.

"So I think the Prime Minister's got a strong case to make to President Trump to take another look at those tariffs and hopefully take them off."

The Prime Minister says she's looking forward to her first formal meeting with Trump in the wings of the UN General Assembly in New York.

Speaking to reporters, she played down her role in a women's rights march she took part in the day Trump was inaugurated as President.

Billed as an anti-Trump march outside the American consulate in Auckland in January 2017, Ardern says that's not the way she saw it.

"At the time I characterised that from my perspective of continuing to focus on the gains that have been made and never been complacent, so I never characterised it in that way." 

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