Kate Hawkesby: What a year it's been!

Kate Hawkesby,
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Friday, 14 December 2018, 7:44AM
Today’s my last day for the year. 
This has been an interesting experiment this little show. I didn’t know what to expect when I started back in January, back on the radio for the first time in a long time, having been out in the wilderness that is child raising. I was nervous and didn’t know how I’d cope with the hours - I get up at 3am, get in here to prep by 3.30m (I know, it may not sound like it sometimes) it’s punishing hours, but I found myself falling in love with this wee programme. 
And that’s really down to you guys, the listeners. I take my hat off to morning people, but you guys are next level – the pre-dawn is the time for reflection, for ambition, for the go-getters, for the do-ers. 
I don’t know who you all are, but I hear from rowing Mums, business brokers, boot campers, shift workers, nurses, dairy farmers, students, grandparents, insomniacs you name it. But I appreciate all of you taking the time to switch us on and hang with us. 
We’re a little team, I have my producer Laura, I'm old enough to be her mother, but she’s the boss. And this is the way of the modern workforce, the millennials - they’re taking over! But she’s one of the good ones, the future’s safe in hands like hers. I love working with her, she’s wise, mature beyond her years, she’s smart, quick, bright, driven and a pleasure to work with. Likewise the bosses here at NZME have made coming back to full time work a breeze. They’re good people, family focused, great communicators and extremely supportive. I know I’m lucky here because I ‘ve worked in toxic cultures and newsrooms where there’s no such luxury. So I appreciate them too. I ‘ve been pleasantly surprised at the system we live or die by here in radio land too .. the ratings. This little show’s done extremely well this year, and that again is thanks to you tuning in. 
It sounds like I’m leaving, I’m not, I’m back in January, when you work crazy hours and are tired a lot it’s important to have a reset, and to spend some down time with your family. I look forward to a break and not being a tired cranky Mum trying to cook dinner while also write editorials. 
But someone who is leaving today, is the Grandfather of this fine establishment, he’s an institution all by himself, whether you like him or loathe him.. which by the way is what makes a great broadcaster.. Leighton Smith. We’re farewelling him officially later but I just wanted to take the time to say here publicly that we’ll miss him dearly, it’ll be weird not having him come into the newsroom stare at my ripped jeans with a look of disgust and ask what’s happened to the dress code round here. We’ll miss his wisdom, his powerful work ethic and his wonderful wife Carolyn whose been a stellar producer. Leighton’s a true gentleman who set the bar round here.
So thanks again to all of you for tuning in, enjoy the Xmas New Year break, and I look forward to getting up with you all again in January.
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