That hugely significant detail was omitted from the original story, a story the public health officials took at face value, swallowed, and regurgitated out to the media and wider public, who - rightfully - found it hard to believe.

That's because it wasn't true. These health officials misled us.

As I said, on hearing this tale, why were no actual facts checked? GPS, bank statements, why are we taking this whole thing as fact without ruthlessly checking any of it?

Because here's the price we're paying: We're back to square one, our hard work undone. Most tragically for the innocent seekers of compassionate leave who've done nothing wrong, that's been cancelled.

The Government's ineptitude to do its job properly has resulted in punishment for innocent parties just wanting to do the right thing, see dying loved ones, or bury their dead.

Cancelled, with no accountability or responsibility being taken by the Government. The buck does not stop with them - in fact it appears to stop with no one.

They're all ducking and diving and offering up their usual empty words: We're disappointed, frustrated, angry, whatever word they pick, but no one is actually responsible, or prepared to own it.

We're getting used to that part with this Government, but what's harder to believe is that no one wants to even say sorry. Is there anyone still falling for this kindness thing? That this Government is compassionate?

When asked yesterday if they'd like to apologise to all those who now don't get to have their compassionate leave, crickets chirping. Nada. Nothing, Zip. Not David Clark; not Jacinda Ardern. No one's sorry.

They're annoyed and angry all right, only because it's shown a level of incompetence that's going from embarrassing to comedic. But not sorry.

That's the sort of arrogance we're dealing with here.

On top of that, the loyal servant on more than half a million dollars a year, Ashley Bloomfield, has been thrown under the bus.

The Prime Minister has Meghan Markled him. Cut him off; distanced herself; he inexplicably vanished from public view yesterday.

So as this story continues to unfold, the question has to be asked, why do we put up with it? How do people still take this Government seriously? How many cock-ups are we supposed to accept with zero accountability?

It's been amateur hour at the Beehive for too long. Now we need some grown-ups back.