Robert Weiner: Bill Clinton set to take stage at Democratic Convention

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Wednesday, 27 July 2016, 7:16a.m.
Bill Clinton will take to the stage today to sing his wife's praises. Photo / Getty Images

Bill Clinton will take to the stage at the Democratic National Convention today, to sing the praises of his wife.

Hillary Clinton will be officially nominated as the Democratic candidate later today.

Robert Weiner will run the morning briefings for the convention, he told Andrew Dickens. 

"To say that Bill Clinton's going to be taking about his time with his wife, I mean his time with his wife is his entire time. So yes he'll be talking about how well he knows her, as a brilliant person, he will be talking about what a policy expert she is on everything, how she does her homework."

Weiner, a former White House Spokesman for Bill Clinton, said contrary to reports that the convention has been a shambles and Bernie Sanders' supporters have been booing Hillary Clinton, it's been a unifying time for the Party.

"There was no booing by Bernie supporters in the convention hall - that was a private breakfast meeting earlier in the day, it was a private caucus of Bernie people, but the people who are elected did not and were very supportive of the unity the convention has."

Weiner said polls show only eight percent of Sanders' supporters nationwide will refuse to vote for Clinton.

Bernie Sanders has appealed to his supporters to vote for Clinton.

LISTEN ABOVE: Robert Weiner, former White House Spokesman for Bill Clinton, speaks with Andrew Dickens

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