Facebook implements program to combat extremist content

Newstalk ZB,
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Wednesday, 18 September 2019, 4:07PM
Facebook has been widely criticised over the way it failed to stop the spread of the March 15 footage, which was uploaded 1.5 million times over 24 hours. Photo / Getty Images

Facebook has announced it is making moves to combat extremism on its platforms.

Users searching for extremist content will be re-directed to anti-hate groups instead, in an attempt to deradicalise them.

The programme will be rolled out in Australia and Indonesia, and the company has plans to implement it in New Zealand as well.

Massey University sociologist, Professor Paul Spoonley told Kate Hawkesby Facebook's realised it needs to act.

He says in the week after the Christchurch attacks, there was a 600-percent surge in anti-Islamic hate crimes in the UK.

“85 percent of those hate crimes mentioned the Christchurch attacks in some way.”


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