Why Twitter isn't the real problem social media platform

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Monday, 9 September 2019, 10:21AM
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Twitter's boss is in Wellington today to meet with Jacinda Ardern, but a commentator's labelling the meeting 'second-best'.

Jack Dorsey is continuing talks he started with the PM in Paris, where Twitter was among the first to sign the 'Christchurch Call' guidelines for countering online extremism.

But tech commentator Paul Brislen told Kate Hawkesby Twitter's not the root of the problem.

"It doesn't quite get into quite the same realms of promoting content, getting paid to share vile and extremist content in quite the same way that Facebook does, and Facebook is the real problem here." 

He says Twitter was one of the big platforms which received little bad publicity in the wake of the mosque attacks.

"Twitter is equally as responsible for sharing content but has very little actual role in controlling any of the content that is shared. This is an opportunity for them to try and paint themselves as the good guys."





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