Uber NZ launches Comfort trial

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Thursday, 5 September 2019, 1:32PM
For an extra fee, you'll be able to request a quiet ride.

Would you pay more for a less chatty Uber driver?

A "quiet drive" is one of the options if you choose Uber Comfort - a new service that Uber will trial in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

The trial will last three months before being reviewed.

Uber Comfort also lets you request your ideal temperature in advance.

And you get an extended 10-minute wait-time.

Uber also promises "extra leg room" and "newer, mid-size cars" (with "new" defined as "2012 onwards"), and a driver with a 4.85 star rating or higher and at least 500 trips under their belt.

Uber's official description is vague, but US reports say an Uber Comfort vehicle will be "generally no more than five years old" and that leg room will "around three-feet" or 91cm.

Uber NZ country manager Amanda Gilmore says Uber Comfort will cost "15 per cent more than regular Uber X rates."

And of course, you can always try the no-cost options of politely asking your driver for some quiet time, or to adjust the air con.

Forbes suggested that with the extra leg room being the only real new feature, the service might be better labeled Uber Tall.

Uber Comfort
Uber Comfort


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