Marcus Beveridge: Chinese likely to be affected by immigration changes

Newstalk ZB Staff ,
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Wednesday, 12 October 2016, 7:41AM
(File photo - NZ Herald)

Lawyers say Chinese families will be particularly affected by the Government's new immigration policy.

The new resident setting is being reduced to a limit of 95,000, down from the current 100,000.

The threshold for skilled migrants has been raised by increasing the number of points they must have from 140 to 160, and a temporary cap is being put on new applications under the parent category.

Law Society spokesman Marcus Beveridge says the changes could cull the influx by 10-15,000 people.

He told Andrew Dickens Chinese families could be particularly affected.

He said there's a generation in New Zealand of only-child immigrants, each wanting to bring over both their parents.

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