Auckland at risk of 'over-tourism'

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Thursday, 20 June 2019, 11:01AM
It's a new concept, but it could have a huge effect on Auckland. (Photo / NZ Herald)

Auckland may be at risk of being bogged down with too many visitors.

New research from the World Travel and Tourism Council has found it's at risk of receiving more visitors than its infrastructure can handle.

The city has spent years marketing itself to prospective visitors from here and overseas, but it currently has sufficient infrastructure for visitor numbers.

Victoria University tourism futurologist Ian Yeoman told Kate Hawkesby if visitor numbers continue to rise at current rates, that infrastructure will come under strain.

"Over-tourism is fundamentally as carrying capacity against tourism demand. So fundamentally there is a natural level of capacity."

He says the idea of "over tourism" is relatively new.

"It's the number of tourists over that capacity in the terms of being comfortable. It's usually the relationship between supply and demand, tourists and community."



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