Dr Denis Henshaw: UK cancer rate in children up 40 per cent in 16 years

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Monday, 5 September 2016, 7:44AM
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Rising rates of cancer in young people aren't all down to better and earlier diagnostic methods.

Research out of the UK has found theĀ cancer rate in children and teenagers has risen 40 percent in 16 years.

Scientific director at Children with Cancer UK, Dr Denis Henshaw, said child leukaemia research points to carcinogenics in pesticides, air pollution and diet as possible causes.

He told Rachel Smalley a report by International Agency for Research on Cancer found obesity is linked to increased cancer risk.

"They are highlighting thyroid cancer, colon cancer and ovarian cancer, and these are the very cancers we're seeing on the increase in teenagers and young adults, and also actually adults later on in life."

Dr Henshaw said they're not out to alarm parents, but simple measures such as avoiding pesticides and aerosols could help.

He said avoiding paint around newborns isn't a bad idea either.

Dr Henshaw said new babies aren't too fashion-conscious, so a newly decorated room isn't all that necessary, and is best left until they're less vulnerable to potential carcinogenics.

He said young children with healthy diets with plenty of fruits and vegetables are better protected against cancer in later years.

LISTEN ABOVE: Scientific director at Children with Cancer UK, Dr Denis Henshaw, speaks with Rachel Smalley

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