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Dominic Carter: Hillary definitely pushed Trump's buttons in debate

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016, 8:35a.m.
Trump and Clinton at last night's debate

Donald Trump may have declared victory after yesterday's presidential debate, but few - if any - agree with him.

LISTEN ABOVE: US political commentator Dominic Carter spoke to Rachel Smalley

An example of the polls is that of CNN/ORC, which says 62 per cent of viewers feel Hillary Clinton won, with just 27 per cent giving it to Mr Trump.

Fox News and Time magazine said Trump was the champion.

US political commentator and former debate moderator Dominic Carter told Rachel Smalley Trump was presidential for the first few minutes, then it was all downhill.

"Trump spent the night on the defensive and Hillary definitely pushed his buttons."

Though he said Trump did behave somewhat and didn't once call Hillary names, and would have appealed to security conscious voters.

Trump wouldn't have gained any voters in last night's debate - but he wouldn't have lost any either, Carter said.

"I would give Hillary Clinton's performance last night a B plus and perhaps Trump would be a C at best."

The duo will debate two more times before the elections take place on November 8.


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