Americans in New Zealand celebrating Independence Day

Newstalk ZB,
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Thursday, 4 July 2019, 11:27AM

Americans in New Zealand will be marking Independence Day today.

US President Donald Trump is putting tanks on the streets for a parade at an event that could include bombers and fighter jets.

Democrats are accusing him of using the celebration as a presidential vanity project.

However, things are somewhat more subdued here.

US Embassy Acting Deputy Chief of Mission Demian Smith told Kate Hawkesby he and his colleagues have a federal holiday today but had a great Independence Day reception in Lower Hutt on Monday.

"We had great band. Ambassador [Scott] Brown got on stage with his guitar for a while. We had a good thousand people come out to celebrate."

He says that he and his colleagues will use the day off to remember what the day means.

"It's about liberty and independence, fireworks, parties, get together, but also talk about what it means to be an American and cutting your own way in the world."



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