National calls for punishment against Wally Haumaha

Newstalk ZB,
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Friday, 21 December 2018, 6:34AM
Wally Haumaha. Photo / NZ Herald

There are concerns about the standard of behaviour the Wally Haumaha scandal sends to officers around the country.

National is continuing to call for his head after the prime minister said his behaviour hasn't reached a threshold to be removed from the role.

National's police spokesperson Chris Bishop says just because Crown legal advice recommended this, it doesn't bind the Prime Minister from firing him.

He told Tim Dower the message this sends about the standard of behaviour that's tolerated to other officers, is appalling.

"The report found that he belittled and humiliated the people he worked for. He acted unprofessionally and inappropriately on a number of occasions."

When asked what specific concerns he had about Haumaha's behaviour, Mr Bishop made it clear it wasn't just a single incident which he was concerned about, it was his overall attitude.

"We believe he should be fired, it is not just the inappropriate behaviour in terms of bullying, he released private information on one of the complainants to three different people to try and discredit her. There are a variety on concerns here, and you shouldn't be able to get away with this type of behaviour."

Bishop strongly believes that the findings from the report warrant significant action to be taken against Haumaha.

"If you are a police officer around the country, and you find out the second top cop in the country has these findings against him, what message does this send to them as a loyal member of the police force."


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