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Nutters Club

11pm-1am Sun

Nutters Club

The Nutters Club is a world first, online and offline media phenomenon that has changed and saved lives. It has spawned a very large, strong and supportive Facebook community and morphed into a popular television series on Maori Television. Over 500,000 people view the Nutters Club Facebook page every week.

It’s stated mission is "to forever change the way people, feel, think, talk and behave in relation to their mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, cultural and sexual well being; and in doing so encourage us all to take ownership of our own health and well being.” In plain English it’s a show about “Nutters helping other Nutters live at peace with themselves and others, so that we can all lead meaningful lives.”

The Nutters Club deals with all the tough stuff that many in society would prefer to keep in the closet. Topics like mental health issues, drug/alcohol addictions and the socially taboo. The show is hosted by Hamish Williams and Kyle MacDonald.

Hamish has worked in radio and media since age 12, drawn to it for the power that it had to share stories and help others. Involved with “The Nutters Club” since 2009 he has been a regular fill in for Mike King until becoming the main stay in 2017. Having experienced the impact of suicide personally he understands first hand challenges of mental health. 

Our resident psychotherapist with 20 years experience - also writes a weekly mental health column for the New Zealand Herald (see: www.nzherald.co.nz/author/kyle-macdonald).

 “Secrets keep you sick” is our motto. There are no secrets at The Nutters Club.