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Andrew Dickens: What Bridges, Barry, ACC and cricketers have in common

Andrew Dickens ,
Publish Date
Wednesday, 26 June 2019, 12:27PM
Maggie Barry make think she is being caring, but she just doesn't understand democracy. (Photo / NZ Herald)

What does it look like when ACC gives the gun buy back $40 million dollars?

On the ACC website it says they estimate that removing these prohibited firearms will reduce potential claims for firearm injuries.

They reckon they’re going to save $70.5 million over the next 20 years. After the Australian buy-back homicide rates fell by 42 per cent and suicide rates fell by 57 per cent in the seven years after the scheme was introduced.

But I think you’ll find that most homicides and suicides by firearms in this country are with guns that will remain legal and in wide circulation.

But do you see their logic?  Maybe. But was there any real need for the ACC to step in to fund these savings if the government was already committed to doing it in their policy. ACC thinks it looks good. 

Nice try, guys. I think it looks like the government using the ACC to as a piggy bank to fund policies they know they can’t afford

So what does it look like when a senior opposition politician loses a portfolio in a caucus reshuffle?  Without prior knowledge because apparently her leader and the politician in question were playing telephone tag because she’s in court in Nelson sorting out a property stoush from years ago. 

Simon was walking parliament yesterday with a smile like a Cheshire cat, one observer suggesting he was pinging. He was certainly happy about something. Well, Simon Bridges and Judith Collins say it means nothing, that it’s not a demotion and she’s still number four on the list.

Nice try, guys. It looks like a smack on the risk for Crusher for daring to poll higher than Simon. Bad girl.

So what does it look like when an opposition MP threatens a bill in select committee with over 100 amendments?  She thinks it looks like a caring person making an incredibly flawed bill better. 

Nice try, Maggie. It looks to me like you’re trying to stall the bill.  It looks to me that you don’t understand democracy and you can’t just unilaterally use any tactic to get your own way.

Finally, what does it look like when a cricket side chooses a whole lot of sloggers and quicks, forgetting that English summers are muggy and wet and pitches get gluggy?  England says their aggressive style will work and they ain’t changing it.

Nice try guys.  It looks to me like you’re about to be humiliatingly dumped from your own tournament.


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