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Andrew Dickens: We've got an incompetent cohort of politicians

Newstalk ZB,
Publish Date
Mon, 9 Oct 2023, 1:20PM
Photo / NZME
Photo / NZME

Andrew Dickens: We've got an incompetent cohort of politicians

Newstalk ZB,
Publish Date
Mon, 9 Oct 2023, 1:20PM

Well, here we are. Finally in the last week of an election campaign between the most incompetent cohort of politicians seen in a long time and wouldn't you know it, an international geo-political crisis just to accentuate that statement.

Obviously, Nanaia Mahuta sympathises with Palestinians. She feels they've been colonised the same way Maori were. That doesn't make her an anti-Semite.

BUT- you must condemn a surprise raid on civilians that killed thousands.

She didn't, while the rest of the world did. So it was left to Chris Hipkins to do the right thing.

Isn't that just like Labour. The few competent people trying to tidy up after the incompetent after yet another cock up.

So why do I think this is the most incompetent cohort of politicians? They all blow in the breeze and will say anything to get the job.

It started when Hipkins got the big job and started the bonfire of the policies, leaving me to ask whether he stood for anything at all.

Since then, he's announced more and more spending despite advice to tai hoa and pay down debt

It continued when National announced that to afford tax cuts for landlords and the middle class, they had to impose a wealth tax on rich foreigners. What a mixed up ideology.

Christopher Luxon announced he could work with Winston Peters just two weeks ago, but now he's taking out full page ads telling voters not to vote for Winston. This is a mess entirely of the leaders' own making.

Meanwhile, Winston tells the world in a debate that he doesn't support GST-free fruit and veg even though it's there on his party's website. 15 minutes later it isn't.  

As Ben Thomas said: "Imagine being in Winston's team and having to concoct and then delete whole policies in real time as he is thundering on live tv."

And now we've got National suggesting we may need a second election and Hipkins agreeing he'd rather have a second election than break his promise about not working with NZ First. So why not cancel the first election and go straight to the second? That's me being facetious.

What a mess. How can I vote for any of them?

But saying that all politicians are useless - don't vote is the sort of empty thing that Russell Brand would say.

So my final word before this election is just vote for the party that matches how your gut feels.

This is a vibe election. So just do it and we'll fix it all up on Monday.


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