What are the roles expected of a godparent?

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Tuesday, 15 January 2019, 4:01PM
Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, with their children - Prince George, Princess Charlotte and baby Prince Louis, all of whom have multiple godparents. Photo / AP

There is much confusion on what the role of a god parent should involve.

The boundaries of spoiling your godchildren  compared to keeping a respectable distance can often be blurred.

The official definition of a godparent is person who presents a child at baptism and promises to take responsibility for their religious education.

Prince Charles has at least 30 godchildren, while Sir Elton John has 10, including Brooklyn and Romeo Beckham and Liz Hurley's son, Damian. Prince Louis, fifth in line to the throne, has six godparents.

Talkback callers told Tim Roxborogh it was usually a case by case basis, with different families requiring different styles.

One caller said she and her husband were asked 13 years ago to be godparents, and they accepted but were not quite sure what was expected of them.

"Being a godparent is quite a difficult, especially when it comes to religion. When you have multiple religions in the family, the role of a godparent can become very confusing."


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