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Should people be able to work where they want?

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Thursday, 7 March 2019, 8:54PM
A UK bank wants to stop people working remotely. (Photo / Getty)

Talkback callers have shared their thoughts on working from home, after one company says they will soon make all employees work at home. 

BNY Melon in the UK has said they will stop people working from home. They say that if everyone worked in an office, it will lead to "better collaboration and quicker decision making".

The company currently has a flexible working policy for their 3,000 workers, but believe that some of those employees working from home are misusing their trust. 

The move has been met with backlash from employees, with some saying they will have to quit and find a more flexible job, and another saying that it will not benefit people with children or family members to look after.

Callers to Andrew Dickens were mostly in favour of working from home.

Caller Mike says that he has worked at home for several years and he prefers the environment to being stuck in an office, and his productivity has not suffered.

Tania points out that just because people are working in an office it does not mean they are being more productive. 

"I think eliminating the ability to work from home is like putting a bandaid in a wrong place. The issue is you have employed people that do not have enough respect for the company." 

However, caller Scott, who used to live in London and work for BNY Melon, he says that people often did not show up for the hours they were meant to. 

"If they are not managing people properly, it breaks down."

ON AIR: Overnight Talk

12AM - 5AM