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Does NZ need harsher penalties for texting while driving?

Newstalk ZB Staff,
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Wednesday, 12 September 2018, 5:12PM
Talkback callers were in agreement that harsher fines are needed. (Photo / Getty)

There are calls for harsher penalties for people who text and drive.

Eliot Jessep, who’s mother was killed in a car crash while texting, crossing the centre line, told Stuff that he believes punishments for crimes remain too light.

Acting Associate Transport Minister James Shaw told the website that transport officials are investigating how effective overseas penalties have been, includign safety cameras.

Jessep is calling for the New Zealand punishment to be “at a level where it does impact someone”.

Callers to Andrew Dickens Afternoons were largely in agreement, and had innovative ideas as to how the penalties could be enforced.

Caller Phillip says that, in the UK, they are looking at rising the fines to £400, and that there has been very little backlash from the Brits about this.

He says that in England, they now have motorcyclists who drive around with cameras, snapping drivers in the act so they can be prosecuted.

Caller Johnny called for traffic cops, and says people should face having their licenses revoked for extended periods of time.


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