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How to cope after the Black Caps loss

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Monday, 15 July 2019, 3:55PM
Martin Guptill attempts to catch England's Ben Stokes ball in the super over at the end of the Cricket World Cup final match between England and New Zealand. (Photo / AP)

A reminder to the Black Caps and their fans that a game is just a game.

The Black Caps have lost to England in the Cricket World Cup final on a technicality, after pulling off the first tie in World Cup history.

A number of people around the Newstalk ZB newsroom are still coming to terms with what transpired. 

Psychotherapist Kyle MacDonald says it will take a while for the team to come to terms with the loss.

But he says both players, and fans, need to keep the game in perspective.

"It's incredibly meaningful for anyone who follows it, but ultimately it's completely meaningless. It's a great time to be philosophical!" 

For a different perspective, NZ Herald Business Editor Liam Dann told Andrew Dickens that a new report from the Harvard Business Review have identified three main ways people respond to defeat.

"Some people are extra punitive, prone to unfairly blaming others, some as in-punitive, they deny the failure has occurred or their role in it, and some as intro-punitive, judging themselves too harshly and imagining failures where they do not exist.

He says the research can help put the loss into perspective. 

"It's often not possible to write a failure, correct a failure, especially not when you are a spectator in a sporting game, but it is always possible to make things worse by overreacting."

Try telling that to all those still fuming over the overthrows rule...

ON AIR: Simon Barnett and Phil Gifford Afternoons

12PM - 4PM