Andrew Dickens pays tribute to Leighton Smith

Newstalk ZB ,
Publish Date
Friday, 14 December 2018, 6:28PM

Following up someone's final ever show on air after 33 years is no easy task.

Still, the show must go on, though Andrew Dickens wasn't going to begin without recognising the man who came before him.

Dickens told his audience that it had been lovely listening to all the good wishes being sent to Leighton Smith during his final show.

"I have little to be said about Leighton Smith that has not been said so well by you.  I’m a child of 1ZB It has murmured in the background of my family’s kitchen my whole life and so I have listened through Leighton’s entire 33 year tenure. 

"A tenure of unrivalled quality, consistency and intelligence.  And I heard a listener this morning talk about Leighton being gentle and I thought that so very profound.  He could be grumpy angry or argumentative.  But he was always gentle.  Farewell mate."

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