Should funerals be cheaper?

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Tuesday, 19 February 2019, 4:52p.m.
The cost of funerals are in the headlines. (Photo / Getty)

How do you want your funeral to unfold?

Death and funerals have been on Andrew Dickens mind after the loss of a family member last week.

It has also been the subject of some discussion in the media, in light of a Stuff story that highlighted the benefits of a'DIY funeral'. 

Sue Allen wrote about the cheap funeral they arranged for her friend, Paul, after he asked for the money to be spent on food and wine rather than an expensive coffin or funeral director.

Based on that, Andrew asked listeners what their funeral experiences had been like, and received some fascinating responses. 

Caller Ross spoke of how his father wanted to go from "hospital to the furnace", and it took just two days for them to get his ashes home with limited fuss involved. 

"Even doing it as simplistically as that, it was still a $5000 event, and I know dad would be cringing at the cost of that as he would have wanted it to be close to nothing." 

Caller Frenchie says that his family has measured everyone up in order to make makeshift coffins to save on the cost, as some can cost thousands of dollars. 

Vicki had a more colourful experience, as her father died while he was travelling on a cruise ship! 

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