Do we need a zero-tolerance blood alcohol limit?

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Wednesday, 19 December 2018, 4:15PM
41 per cent of fatal accidents in the first half of this year were caused by people over the limit. (Photo / File)

It has been suggested that not enough is being down to curb drunk driving in New Zealand. 

Newly released figures from NZTA show that 41 per cent of fatal crashes in the first half of 2018 were caused by people under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. 

Road safety charity Brake told Stuff that they want to see the blood alcohol limit lowered to 20mg per 100ml for drivers. 

However, speaking to his listeners, Andrew Dickens says that he thinks there should be zero tolerance for anyone drinking and then driving. 

He says that there is a zero alcohol limit for people under 20, and people consider that acceptable. 

His suggestion was met with mixed reaction by listeners, with many saying it was too harsh. 

Caller Blair was in favour though, saying that he has seen first hand from his experience working in the emergency services that we need to make drastic changes. 


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