Petition to ban fireworks rubbished by talkback callers

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Tuesday, 11 December 2018, 4:56PM
18,000 people signed the petition. (Photo / NZ Herald)

A plea from nearly 18,000 Kiwis to ban the retail fireworks sales.

A petition's been handed to Government calling for legislation that bans the sale of fireworks and instead institute licensing for individuals and organisations to have public displays.

Green Party MP Gareth Hughes received the petition on the steps of Parliament.

He says in just the past month they've seen idiots shooting fireworks out of cars and a house nearly burn down.

"This is the same story that happens every year. We see hundreds of fire call outs, hundreds of accidents, hundreds of ACC claims costing hundreds of thousands of dollars."

The petition has been rubbished by talkback callers and texters, saying that it is just a few nanny-state complainers. 

Though one caller, Sarah, says that one of the problems is that fireworks are not restricted to that one night. 


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