Watch: Instant karma for ute driver

Publish Date
Monday, 17 June 2019, 12:42PM

Dashcam footage captured the satisfying moment a ute driver ran a red light at a busy intersection right in front of a police car.

The incident was filmed at an intersection in NSW on Friday, though the exact location is unclear.

In the video, which as uploaded to the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page, a ute driver can be seen ignoring a red arrow and driving straight through an intersection before narrowly avoiding crashing into oncoming traffic.

The driver slams on their breaks, causing them to skid and stop in the middle of the intersection.

Unfortunately for the driver, a highway patrol vehicle witnessed the whole thing and instantly turned on their lights to pull them over.

The motorist then drives off with the cop car right behind them.

More than 500 social media users flocked to the comment section of the video, with many pointing out the truck driver in front of the ute also seemed to run the red light.

"What about the truck in front that ran the red arrow," one person asked.

Some users defended the driver, saying they may have thought the light was green as the truck driver went through.

"No excuses for not paying proper attention but it looked like he was following the truck through the intersection thinking it was still green then realised his mistake at the last second," another person said.

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