Manchester stabbing being treated as 'terror-related'

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Wednesday, 2 January 2019, 9:00AM
The man arrested allegedly shouted 'Allah, Allah'. (Photo / File)
The man arrested allegedly shouted 'Allah, Allah'. (Photo / File)

Police in the English city of Manchester are quizzing a suspect and searching a house for clues about the "terror-related" stabbings of three people at a train station on New Year's Eve.

The attack Monday night by a knife-wielding man brought terrorism back to Manchester after a 19-month hiatus. It took place at a key transport hub right next to the Manchester Arena, where 22 people were killed in an attack on an Ariana Grande concert in May 2017.

British Transport police used tasers and pepper spray to stop the man, and are being praised for the way they ran to the scene to disarm him.

Monday's stabbing attack left a man and a woman hospitalised with "very serious" but not life-threatening injuries and a man in custody, police said. Both the victims have abdominal injuries and the woman also has injuries to her face.

UK correspondent Gavin Grey told Tim Dower police are not confirming anything the man said, pending a court case or charges.

However, he says there are reports that the man was heard yelling Islamic slogans

"A radio producer who happened to be at the station at the time, said he was shouting 'Allah, Allah', and various slogans criticising Western governments."

Assistant Chief Constable Russ Jackson said police believe they have identified the suspect and were searching his home in the Cheetham Hill neighbourhood of Manchester. He described the attack as frenzied and random.

"We know the attacker arrived at the location and soon after he attacked two people, a man and a woman, who have suffered very serious injuries," he said.

The incident is "not ongoing" and there is "currently no intelligence to suggest that there is any wider threat," Assistant Chief Constable Rob Potts said.

The train station reopened Tuesday and extra police officers were on the city's streets as a precaution.

Prime Minister Theresa May expressed concern for the victims and thanked emergency workers for their "courageous response."

Britain's official threat level has long been set at "severe," indicating that intelligence analysts believe an attack is highly likely.


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