Woman's holiday horror: My dad's accused of rape, I may be pregnant

NZ Herald,
Publish Date
Sat, 2 Jul 2022, 1:09pm
Tammi Forsyth says her father has been framed. (Photo / TikTok)
Tammi Forsyth says her father has been framed. (Photo / TikTok)

Woman's holiday horror: My dad's accused of rape, I may be pregnant

NZ Herald,
Publish Date
Sat, 2 Jul 2022, 1:09pm

A British woman raped while on holiday in Greece fears she may be pregnant — and says Greek police are trying to frame her own father for the vile crime. 

Thirty-three-year-old Tammi Forsyth waived her anonymity to speak with The Sun newspaper and protest her father's innocence. 

The incident happened last month on the holiday island of Crete, when Tammi and her father Philip were drinking in a local bar. 

The pair were drinking heavily and Forsyth says she fell into an alley on their way home in the early hours and couldn't get up. 

Later she saw a man standing over her, and then reports she was dragged into a nearby bush and raped. 

"I was left stunned by the whole thing and after it happened, I could not move for about 15 minutes because I was too scared," Forsyth said. 

Her father was arrested on June 11 and he is being held in custody awaiting the results of DNA tests. 

Tammi with father Philip. Photo / TikTokTammi with father Philip. (Photo / TikTok)

Forsyth said she told police what happened and they "completely misunderstood" her description. 

"I told them that my father was wearing all white, but they took that to mean that the attacker was wearing all white," she said. 

For their part, local police have referred to CCTV footage from the bar which they claim shows Forsyth's father behaving in an inappropriate manner. 

"The video is vital to this case. The man touched the woman inappropriately, attempted to kiss her and also hit her," Captain Sofia Loverdos of Crete police told the Daily Mail. 

"The woman denies this, but the CCTV footage shows something different. 

"This is a crime of rape and domestic violence and we are obliged to pursue it under Greek law even if the victim insists that the alleged perpetrator is innocent." 

On top of her fears for her father, Tammi Forsyth now has another worry - that she may be pregnant to her rapist. 

She told The Sun she was "60 per cent sure that I'm pregnant" and said: "This holiday has turned into a horror movie. 

"I'm really suffering with stress and anxiety which has only got worse because I'm feeling a bit sick and have missed my period. I'm usually very regular and it's not like me," she said. 

"I've been told by the British Consulate that I need to go to a medical clinic to have a blood test, but I've been suffering from such bad panic attacks that I need someone to accompany me. 

"But I'm here on my own and have got nobody to help me." 

She said she was speaking out to secure her father's freedom and to help catch the real rapist. 

"The police made up their minds from the start that my father was guilty and have not done anything about finding the real rapist," she said. 


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