There is confusion on a busy Wellington street after a veranda pole appeared in the middle of a pedestrian crossing area.

The offending pole is on the footpath at the traffic lights on the corner of Cuba and Ghuznee streets.

It is one of many supporting a new veranda being built on the building on the corner, but the only one right where pedestrians walk.

The pole has caught the attention of a Wellington City Councillor who wants it moved.

Transport Portfolio Leader Councillor Chris Calvi-Freeman said it is not the biggest issue in the city but is far from best practice.

"I think somebody has screwed up, I will be talking to the engineers today and the planning officers and finding out how this has happened."

He has safety concerns because the intersection is a busy shopping area with lots of pedestrians.

"It is a black pole which is right in the way of where people walk, it is quite easy believe it or not to walk headfirst into a pole if you have the sun in your eyes."

When the Herald visited the corner this morning people were walking right out of the marked lines crossing the road to avoid the pole, while others were narrowly avoiding bumping into it.