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Shearing sports’ big weekend: Results from the six shows in three days

By Doug Laing,
Publish Date
Mon, 22 Jan 2024, 1:41PM
Masterton shearer Paerata Abraham, seen here in his biggest win, the National Shearing Circuit final in Masterton in 2019.
Masterton shearer Paerata Abraham, seen here in his biggest win, the National Shearing Circuit final in Masterton in 2019.

Shearing sports’ big weekend: Results from the six shows in three days

By Doug Laing,
Publish Date
Mon, 22 Jan 2024, 1:41PM

It was a big weekend for Masterton shearer Paerata Abraham, who had two title wins – 24 hours and over 1000km apart - after scoring just three show-shearing open-finals in more than a decade of trying.

On Saturday, Abraham won the New Zealand Crossbred Lambs final at the Winton A&P Show in Southland, beating defending champion and speed shear rival Jack Fagan by just over a point.

Then on Sunday, he won the Royal New Zealand Horowhenua AP & I Show’s final in Levin, by just under a point from Welsh shearer, and 2023 UK tour test match rival, Gethin Lewis.

While amassing a range of speed shear wins over the years, including another in Southland on Thursday, Abraham’s only previous open show wins were at the Mayfield A and P Show in Canterbury in 2018, and in the premier multi-wools events - the PGG Wrightson National Shearing Circuit final at the Golden Shears in 2019 - and the New Zealand Shears Circuit final in Te Kuiti last year.

The latest wins came on the biggest weekend of the season, comprising six of the 59 shows on the Shearing Sports New Zealand calendar - notable for the return to the prize list of two world champions, the emergence of main shear arrivals from the UK, and a competitor list totalling over 300 competitors nationwide, including more than 200 shearers.

There was another national title for 2019 World Woolhandling Teams champion Pagan Rimene in the crossbred lamb open final at Winton.

Rimene last featured in a final in New Zealand at-home competition in Alexandra in October 2022, when she was runner-up.

She last won in a South Island Circuit final at Waimate 12 months earlier.

Cam Ferguson, 2010 Golden Shears Open and World Shearing Champion, now of Otane, was third in the Horowhenua Shears open final, a day after reaching the semifinals at the Wairoa Shears in Northern Hawke’s Bay, where he also won a Friday-night speed shear.

Ferguson has had only a handful of competitions since finishing third in the 2019 World Championships final in France.

He last won a final in New Zealand at Mayfield almost eight years ago but is buoyed by the chance to follow his children to the shows.

This includes 11-year-old Izzy, who shore in the novice grades at the weekend - after honing his style and skills in teddy bear-mimicry on the lounge floor at home.

Former world shearing champion Cam Ferguson watches over 11-year-old son Izzy, competing in the novice grade at the Wairoa Shears on Saturday.Former world shearing champion Cam Ferguson watches over 11-year-old son Izzy, competing in the novice grade at the Wairoa Shears on Saturday.

On Friday, current New Zealand representative Nathan Stratford, of Invercargill, won the New Zealand Full Wool Open Shearing title for a seventh time, during the championships at the Northern Southland Community Shears in a woolshed near Lumsden.

Gisborne’s Joel Henare won the open woolhandling title for the ninth time, taking him to a career tally of 137 open woolhandling wins.

The Wairoa Shears was held in the Kauhouroa woolshed near Frasertown on Saturday - as the Wairoa showgrounds are still out of action after the damage caused by Cyclone Gabrielle and other weather events.

The Shears had its fastest 20-sheep open final, in what became a match race between Scotland international and former World Champion Gavin Mutch, who farms near Dannevirke, and world nine-hour lamb shearing record-holder, and 2019 World Championships England representative, Stuart Connor, who moved to Hawke’s Bay late last year.

Connor sheared the 20 well-wooled second-shear sheep in 15min 55sec – less than 48 seconds a sheep, caught, shorn and dispatched.

However, the five seconds by which he beat Mutch off the board was not enough in the final count, as Mutch successfully defended a title he won last year in a quality points count after a rare dead-heat on total points.

The open woolhandling final at the Royal Show was won by Napier woolhandler Jasmin Tipoki.

About a quarter of the 78 shearers at Wairoa were from overseas, with success for Irish shearers Paddy Dunne, of Wicklow, and Kevin Noone, of Donegal, who won the junior and novice finals respectively.

At Levin on Sunday, Luke Parkhouse, of Devon, England, won the intermediate final, and Elis Jones, from Wales, won the junior event.

Meanwhile, Northland shearer Toa Henderson, of Kaiwaka, won the Kaikohe Show’s open final on Saturday, signalling he’ll be a contender heading south to A-grade competition at the Taihape A&P Show next Saturday, and Travers Baigent, of Wakefield, won the Golden Bay show’s open final at Takaka.

Shearing and woolhandling results from the weekend

Friday, January 19

Northern Southland Community Shears’ NZ Full Wool Shearing and Woolhandling Championships

Selbies’ Woolshed, Lumsden


Open final (20 sheep): Nathan Stratford (Invercargill) 19min 27.03sec, 62.2015pts, 1; Leon Samuels (Invercargill) 19min 11.47sec, 63.1235pts, 2; Casey Bailey (Riverton) 19min 37.57sec, 65.4285pts, 3; Corey Palmer (Dipton) 19min 58.5sec, 65.675pts, 4; Paul Hodges (Geraldine) 18min 34.35sec, 67.3675pts, 5.

Senior final (12 sheep): Blake Crooks (Rangiora) 14min 27.91sec, 52.5262pts, 1; James Napier (-) 16min 48.19sec, 55.2428pts, 2; Richard Lancaster (England) 15min 25.16sec, 56.4247pts, 3; Nathan Bee (-) 16min 23.82sec, 57.0243pts, 4; Dre Roberts (Mataura) 15min 7.16sec, 57.108pts, 5.

Intermediate final (6 sheep): Cody Waihape (Gore) 9min 31.78sec. 26.2567pts, 1; Emma Martin (Gore) 10min 5.68sec, 36.6173pts, 2; Stephane Celhabe (France) 11min 32.09sec, 44.4378pts, 3; Julian Karl (Germany) 11min 48.22sec, 44.911pts, 4; Oliver Hogan (Woodlands) 11min 19.97sec, 50.4985pts, 5.

Junior final (3 sheep): Jet Schimanski (Gore) 5min 55.87sec, 25.7935pts, 1; Evan Rowbothan (Wales) 5min 56.66sec, 28.1663pts, 2; Ryan Mackie Jones (Wales) 5min 27.85sec, 30.3925pts, 3; Reuben Wilkinson (Wyndham) 8min 58.41sec, 37.2538pts, 4; Connor Wilkinson (Wyndham) 7min 12.82sec, 5.


Open final: Joel Henare (Gisborne) 67.046pts, 1; Pagan Rimene (Alexandra) 85.510pts, 2; Tia Potae (Kennedy Bay) 92.208pts, 3.

Senior final: Charlotte Stuart (Balclutha) 114.5pts, 1; Emma Martin (Gore) 123.9pts, 2; Autumn Waihape (Gore) 156.84pts, 3.

Junior final: Lucy Elers (Mataura) 90.838pts, 1; Kelly Barrett (Kawhia) 128.15pts, 2; Te Aroha Little (Balclutha) 141.562pts, 3.

Saturday, January 20

Wairoa A & P Shears

Kauhouroa Station, Frasertown

Open final (20 sheep): Gavin Mutch (Scotland/Dannevirke) 16min, 53.7pts, 1; Stuart Cinnir (England/Hastings) 15min 55sec, 56.6pts, 2; Digger Balme (Otorohanga) 16min 44sec, 57.4pts, 3; Tama Niania (Gisborne) 17min 11sec, 58.45pts, 4.

Senior final (10 sheep): Te Ua Wilcox (Hisborne) 10min 42sec, 38.7pts, 1; Bruce Grace (Wairoa) 11min 16sec, 41.2pts, 2; Cody Mackinder (Taumarunui/Wairoa) 11min 30sec, 42.9pts, 3; Mark Ferguson (Elsthorpe) 12min 46sec, 48.5pts, 4.

Intermediate final (5 sheep): Dylan Young (Gisborne) 6min 25sec, 24.65pts, 1; Luke Parkhouse (Devon, England) 6min 25sec, 27.25pts, 2; Tomos Davies (Wales) 7min 31sec, 29.25pts, 3; Ryka Swann (Wairoa) 7min 24sec, 30.6pts, 4.

Junior final (3 sheep): Paddy Dunne (Wicklow, Ireland) 4min 4a5sec, 24.25pts, 1; Kaivah Cooper (Napier) 4min 38sec, 25.57pts, 2; Jesse McIntyre (Wairoa) 5min 20sec, 26pts, 3; Sam Milman (Cornwall, England) 4min 46sec, 29.3pts, 4.

Novice final (1 sheep): Kevin Noone (Donegal, Ireland) 2min 47sec, 12.35pts, 1; Ashlin Swann (Napier) 3min 17sec, 13.85pts, 2; Shawna Swann (Wairoa) 3min 2sec, 15.1pts, 3; Bruce Anderson (-) 4min 18sec, 24.9pts, 4.

Veterans’ final (2 sheep): David Hodge (Te Puke) 3min6sec, 13.8pts, 1; Peter McCabe (Katikati) 3min 26sec, 16.8pts, 2; Edwin Perry (Mt Maunganui) 3min 58sec, 20.9pts, 3; Graeme Roadley (Wairoa) 3min 32sec, 21.1pts, 4.

Local finals

Open (7 sheep): Paul Swann 7min 49sec, 31pts, 1; Jayson Hiko 7min 26sec, 31.16pts, 2; Keith Swann 7min 7sec, 32.64pts, 3; Tristan Mackay 7min 40sec, 32.71pts, 4.

Senior (4 sheep): Wayne Wesche 4min 56sec, 29.8pts, 1; Adam Morton 6min 12sec, 35.1pts, 2; Mike Little 4min 50sec, 39.5pts, 3; Jessie Jane 4min 58sec, 40.9pts, 4.

Intermediate (3 sheep): Bennett Manson 4min 2sec, 26n.43pts, 1; John Brickell 3min 19sec, 27.28pts, 2.

Junior (2 sheep): Ben Vanner 4min 18sec, 24.4pts, 1; Gus Brickell 6min 19sec, 33.45pts, 2; Peter Balchin 5min 12sec, 34.1pts, 3.

Speed shear:

Open: Cam Ferguson (Otane) 19.2sec, 1; Tama Niania (Gisborne) 21.76sec, 2; Graiden Hauiti (Dannevirke) 2.62sec, 3.

Senior: Cody Mackinder (Taumarunui/Wairoa) 26.93pts, 1; Callum Bosley (Cornwall, England) 28.4sec, 2.

Golden Bay A&P Show Shears


Open final (12 sheep): Travers Baigent (Wakefield) 16min 21.19sec, 74.64pts, 1; Chris Jones (Renwick) 20min 19.94sec, 79.5pts, 2; Nick Nalder (Takaka) 17min 59.97sec,91.75pts, 3.

Senior final (10 sheep): Michael Johnstone (-)16min 10.28sec, 55.81pts, 1; Hamish Barker (Nelson) 15min 7.1sec, 59.36pts, 2.

Intermediate final (6 sheep): Kimberley Maclean (Motueka) 12min 56.81sec, 47.34pts, 1; Pax Leetch (Golden Bay) 15min 10.66sec, 56.2pts, 2; Pam Irvine (Tapawera) 14min 43.41sec, 62.67pts, 3.

Junior final (3 sheep): Tom Kerley (Wairoa) 7min 47.28sec, 30.36pts, 1; Phoebe Raynor (Port Motueka) 10min 2.75sec, 43.47pts, 2; Tom Curnow (Collingwood) 7min 16.84sec, 48.51pts, 3,

Classic (8 sheep): Chris Jones (Renwick) 9min 44.88sec, 38.62pt s, 1; Frank Bint (Nelson) 11min 11.53sec, 45.83pts, 2; Roger Simpson (Tapawera) 9min 51.65sec, 47.08pts, 3.

Southland Shears NZ Crossbred Lamb Shearing and Woolhandling Championships

Winton A&P Show


Open final (20 lambs): Paerata Abraham (Masterton) 17min 2.25sec, 59.7625pts, 1; Jack Fagan (Te Kuiti) 17min 36.75sec, 60.7875pts, 2; Brett Roberts (Mataura) 18min 11.75sec, 60.9375pts, 3; Casey Bailey (Riverton) 19min 2.38sec, 63.519pts, 4; Leon Samuels (Invercargill) 17min 38.47sec, 65.4235pts, 5; Corey Palmer (Dipton) 19min 29sec, 69.95pts, 6.

Senior final (12 lambs): Nathan Bee (Wyndham) 15min 8.12sec, 52.7393pts, 1; Blake Crooks (Rangiora) 15min 1.19sec, 52.8095pts, 2; Aaron Magee (Ireland) 15min 17sec, 53.6833pts, 3; Dre Roberts (Mataura) 15min 14.97sec, 54.9985pts, 4; Richard Lancaster (England) 15min 53.31sec, 56.9155pts, 5; Jimmy Napier (Riversdale) 16min 23.12sec, 57.0727pts, 6.

Intermediate final (6 lambs): Emma Martin (Gore) 8min 58.91sec, 31.9455pts, 1; Sion Davis (Wales) 8min 33.19sec, 32.9928pts, 2; Stephane Celhabe (France) 8min 58.59sec, 38.7628pts, 3; Harlen Haare (Ohai) 8min 37.56sec, 39.378pts, 4; Wayne Malcolm (Winton) 10min 0.03sec, 41.1682pts, 5; Julian Karl (Germany) 11min 7.5sec, 41.875pts, 6.

Junior final (3 lambs): Jet Schimanski (Gore) 6min 9.85sec, 25.8258pts, 1; Charles Klopper (South Africa) 6min 27.94sec, 30.397pts, 2; Chloe Lund (Hebden Bridge, England) 8min 26.15sec, 32.9742pts, 3; Connor Wilkinson (Wyndham) 8min 34.28sec, 33.0473pts, 4; Reuben Wilkinson (Wyndham) 8min 24.44sec, 33.5553pts, 5; Levi Wilson (Wyndham) 8min 54.38sec, 39.3857pts, 6.

Novice final (1 lamb): Ngahuia Salmond (Te Kuiti) 3min 20sec, 22pts, 1; Sweetheart 3min 45sec, 25.25pts, 2; Sarah Davis (Rerewhakaaitu) 4min 38sec, 32.9pts, 3; Rikihana Salmond (Te Kuiti) 4min 27sec, 37.35pts, 4.


Open final: Pagan Rimene (Alexandra) 55.512pts, 1; Monica Potae (Kennedy Bay) 64.56pts, 2; Keryn Herbert (Te Kuiti) 66.91pts, 3.

Senior final: Waimarama Manukau (Gore) 24.774pts, 1; Lucy-Gee Taylor (Rangiwahia) 31.78pts, 2; Charlottee Stuart (Middlemarch) 34.22pts, 3; Emma Martin (Gore) 35.53pts, 4.

Junior final: Lucy Elers (Mataura) 28.26pts, 1; Kelly Barrett (Kawhia) 31.91pts, 2; Te Aroha Little (Balclutha) 35.5pts, 3; Ngahuia Salmond (Te Kuiti) 45.8pts, 4.

Sunday, January 21

Royal New Zealand Horowhenua A, P & I Show Shears



Open final (16 sheep): Paerata Abraham (Masterton) 14min 37sec, 54.2875pts, 1; Gethin Lewis (Wales) 14min 24sec, 55.0125pts, 2; Cam Ferguson (Otane) 15min 26sec, 57.2375pts, 3; David Gordon (Masterton) 14min 43sec, 59.5975pts, 4.

Senior final (8 sheep): Laura Bradley (Woodville) 8min 54sec, 36.575pts, 1; Bradman Franks (Levin) 9min 3sec, 38.65pts, 2; Jaycob Brunton (Levin) 9min 37sec, 43.35pts, 3; Jack Hutchinson (Newcastle, England) 10min 30sec, 43.75pts, 4.

Intermediate final (6 sheep): Luke Parkhouse (Devon, England) 7min 45sec, 34.75pts, 1; Michael Buick (Pongaroa) 9min 21sec, 37.7167pts, 2; Jake Goldsbury (Waitotara) 8min 44sec, 40.3667pts, 3; Neil Bryant (Levin) 9min 57sec, 41.0167pts, 4.

Junior final (4 sheep): Elis Jones (Wales) 6min 33sec, 27.15pts. 1; Marshall Buckman (Apiti) 6min 19sec, 28.45pts, 2; Lachie Cameron (Kimbolton) 6min 19sec, 29.45pts, 3; Phoebe Smith (Oregon, USA) 7min 54sec, 31.95pts, 4.

Novice final(2 sheep): Camden Bolton (Feilding) 5min 28sec, 28.4pts, 1; Te Anna Phillips (Taumarunui) 6min 34sec, 33.2pts, 2; Harry Peacock (Dannevirke) 4min 16sec, 38.8pts, 3; Waiari Puna (Napier) 6min 41sec, 39.05pts, 4.


Open final: Jasmin Tipoki (Napier) 49.076pts, 1; Ngaio Hanson (Eketahuna) 71.068pts, 2; Cushla Abraham (Masterton) 72.084pts, 3; Logan Kamura (Marton) 78.078pts, 4.

Senior final: Tatijana Keefe (Raupunga) 43.074pts, 1; Ashleigh Osler (Dannevirke) 45.09pts, 2; Whakapunake Maraki (Flaxmere) 60.09pts, 3; C J Darlington (-) 60.196pts, 4.

Junior final: Tui Travis (Levin) 44.07pts, 1; Eleri Bradley (Woodville) 44.082pts, 2; Rahera Lewis (Taihape) 49.058pts, 3; Waiari Puna (Napier) 50.086pts, 4.

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