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Winston Peters hits out at media in fiery press conference

Newstalk ZB Staff, NZN,
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Wednesday, 27 September 2017, 3:47p.m.
Mr Peters lashed out at the media (Image / Getty Images)
Mr Peters lashed out at the media (Image / Getty Images)

Winston Peters says his caucus has run through every possible option the party has when it comes to forming a coalition.

The New Zealand First leader held a press conference this afternoon, in the Beehive theatrette usually reserved for post-cabinet announcements. 

Mr Peters fired shots at media, which he said is misleading the public in malicious reports about his relationships with other parties.

He said he'll make a decision once all of the 384,000 special votes are revealed on October 7th.

"This is the last press conference I will hold until October 7," Mr Peters said. 

He added that his negotiating team has combed through the other parties manifestos to make the best decision for kiwis.

"New Zealand First has to withhold its view because we don't know yet what the exact, precise voice of the New Zealand people is."

Mr Peters also rejected the idea there was a moral authority with one side, saying "this is not first past the post."

He confirmed that he has chosen a negotiating team - but is keeping quiet on that too, just saying it would be "seven or eight" members.

Mr Peters was accompanied to Wednesday's press conference by MPs Tracey Martin and Clayton Mitchell.

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