Time to ditch the monarchy, survey shows

Newstalk ZB Staff,
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Sunday, 4 September 2016, 8:59a.m.
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles (Getty Images)
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles (Getty Images)

UPDATED 1.04PM: New Zealand is drifting closer to a republic according to new research this morning showing most Kiwis now want to ditch the monarchy.

A poll commissioned by NZ Republic Inc has talked to more than a thousand people over 18.

It found 59 percent are in favour of having a New Zealand Head of State, while 34 percent want to stick with the Queen.

Just over two years ago just 44 percent were looking for a change.

New Zealand Republic chairman Savage says the flag debate, the visit of Prince Charles, Brexit, and the Queen's 90th jubilee have combined to focus attention on the question.

But Dr Sean Palmer of Monarchy New Zealand is laughing off the sea change, pointing out that in the figures, people who favour a president appointed by parliament have been pooled with those who want a directly-elected president "despite the fact that those two groups may not see eye to eye on anything."

"They lump them together and declare a great victory," Palmer said. 

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