Peters suing in interest of democracy

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Tuesday, 19 June 2018, 5:28a.m.
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(Getty Images)

The soon-to-be Acting Prime Minister says he's suing the Government in the interests of having a sound democracy.

Winston Peters has been roundly criticised for suing his own government after last week filing legal action against government departments - including the State Services Commissioner Peter Hughes.

It's over the leaking of details of his superannuation over payment.

He says he's been able to avoid speaking directly to Peter Hughes - he says his staff are doing that, and he says that's working like a charm.

Peters says he's doing this because it has to be done.

"If Nicky Hager as can rightly get after many years some justice at court then I applaud him. I do not think he did it for anything other than the quality of society that he hopes to live in.



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