NZ First pledge to lift minimum wage, lower company tax

Sam Thompson,
Publish Date
Saturday, 16 September 2017, 6:51a.m.
Winston Peters (Photo: NZ Herald)
Winston Peters (Photo: NZ Herald)

New Zealand First wants to lift the minimum wage to $20 an hour over three years as part of reforms for workers and businesses.

Winston Peters said to enable businesses to pay decent wages, they'll lower company tax to 25 percent over three years and tax export generated income at 20 percent.

He said they will amend the Companies Act so that wages and salary, including holiday pay, have equal priority with secured creditors.

Mr Peters also wants to set minimum redundancy provisions based on twice the normal contractual notice period up to a maximum of 13 weeks.

They will also require mandatory remuneration reports and reporting of pay equity and introduce serious penalties for corporate fraud and tax evasion.

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