National MP says 'spy' story racist

Jacqui Stanford,
Publish Date
Wednesday, 13 September 2017, 3:53PM
Jian Yang (Photo: Youtube)
Jian Yang (Photo: Youtube)

A National MP says reports he's been investigated by the SIS over connections to an elite Chinese spy agency are a racist smear campaign.

Newsroom is reporting Jian Yang studied at China's top linguistics academy for spies before he moved to New Zealand.

It says the SIS has investigated Mr Yang, including interviewing one person about him last year.

Mr Yang says he refutes any suggestion he is not loyal to New Zealand.

He says he's been nothing but up front and transparent about his education and employment.

Mr Yang says although he wasn't born here, he's proud to call himself a New Zealander, and this is a smear campaign because he's Chinese.

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