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'Don Brash looking for headlines at Waitangi' - Shane Jones

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Tuesday, 5 February 2019, 5:56AM
Don Brash. Photo / NZ Herald
Don Brash. Photo / NZ Herald

NZ First MP Shane Jones says Don Brash is looking for a headline and Brian Tamaki wants to boost his appeal amongst gangs.

Te Tii Marae has invited former National Party leader Brash to speak today, and Destiny Church leader Tamaki tomorrow , at the same time as Jones will be giving a sermon at the upper marae’s interdenominational church service.

The Minister did not mince words when discussing the two men.

"One is a Prince of Darkness, and the other is a self-proclaimed Archangel - you can work out which is which. I'm not interested in what they are saying down at the bottom marae."

Jones says he doesn’t want to think about it as a contest of rivals, but he’s not ignorant about the bible either.

"It's highly unlikely that I will have quite the rallying effect that Bishop Tamaki has in drawing Killer Bees and other gangs to Waitangi. That's not my kaupapa."

He says Hobson’s Pledge, which Brash is a spokesman for, is trying to stir up race relations.

"I think Don's looking for a headline, but the gospel Don preaches has got a diminishing number of followers."

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