Topp: NZ would be forgotten as Australian state

Michael Sergel ,
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Wednesday, 25 November 2015, 10:11a.m.
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An iconic New Zealand comedian says New Zealand would become forgotten if it became part of Australia.

LISTEN: Jools Topp speaks to the Mike Hosking Breakfast

Australian senator Ian Macdonald has invited New Zealand to join Australia, after questions were raised about the rights of New Zealand Australians.

The chairman of the constitutional legislation committee spearheaded the introduction of stricter visa rules for New Zealanders.

He says making the North and South Island the seventh and eight states would be the easiest way to improve the rights of New Zealanders.

But talking on Mike Hosking Breakfast, comedian Jools Topp says New Zealand would get lost in the crowd.

"We'd be just forgotten. We'd be the forgotten race if we were part of Australia."

Ms Topp says Australia is a much larger country with a very different culture.

"Most New Zealanders think we're completely different from Australians. They're not vaguely like us," she says.

"If you want to ski-jet and hang out at the beach... if they think that's what being rich and famous and big and beautiful is, I want no part of it."

Ms Topp says the Auckland super city structure has not worked, and an Australian super country structure wouldn't work either.

"They said that we'd be better off when Auckland Council got bigger. Did that work? Has that worked?"

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