Talkback callers on whether rodeos are still acceptable

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Wednesday, 2 January 2019, 3:22PM
A bull had to be put down at a Gisborne event after its leg snapped. (Photo / Supplied)

New Zealanders are split on their support for rodeos, as controversy and criticism continues to surround the event. 

There have already been two animal deaths so far this season.

A horse at Methven Rodeo died at the opening weekend, while a bull died last week after its leg snapped during an event. 

Protesters among the crowd of about 1500 at the Gisborne event were upset it took 25 minutes from when the bull snapped its leg to be "put out of his misery".

Tim Wilson asked listeners what they think of these events, and callers Caroline and Craig voiced their distaste for the events.

Caroline says that the flank strap, which goes tightly over the animal's genitals, is likely why horses are often bucking. 

She says that though there are vets at this events, they often will be local and the crowd will be their clients, putting them in a difficult position. 

However, Geoff, who has been involved in rodeos, said that the anti-rodeo view is "insanity".

"Everything that's been done in a rodeo is a show of skills in a trade that has been used to look after animals."


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