Sir Bob Jones: Street beggars 'a disgrace'

Alicia Burrow ,
Publish Date
Tuesday, 17 January 2017, 5:35PM
(Getty Images).

Wellington's 'Blanket Man' beggar is being described as one of the reasons why we should ban begging.

LISTEN ABOVE: Chris Lynch talks to Sir Bob Jones about street beggars in New Zealand.

Retailers in West Auckland say a group of people have formed a 'syndicate of beggars' who use aggressive tactics to get money.

Henderson-Lincoln Business Association Gary Holmes said he's heard of individuals taking home more than a hundred dollars a day.

Businessman Sir Bob Jones told Chris Lynch begging should be made illegal because beggars don't care about how they look to the public.

In particular, he's upset with characters like the now deceased Ben Hana, also known as Wellington's 'Blanket Man'.

He said the police would arrest him but he'd soon be out there again naked with his legs apart.

He added when Mr Hana died he seemed to be treated as being some sort of nobleman, which he wasn't.

Sir Bob said New Zealand has a welfare system and there's a shortage in the country's workforce so there's no need for people to beg.

"We're having to import labour for manual work 'cause that's all these people could do, they're obviously not lawyers and things, and doctors."

He said it's a disgrace that we allow begging in New Zealand.

"It baffles me me when people say, 'oh leave them alone', they should be ashamed of people begging on the street, you know they're a disgrace to the human race."

Former Auckland mayoral candidate David Hay has criticised Sir Bob’s previous attempts to have begging banned in Auckland.

“The proponents of a ban are simply ignorant about the actual situation.

“The promoters of this ban apparently have no understanding of, or empathy for, the plight of urban street-dwellers.”



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