Protesters have clashed in Auckland's Aotea Square over war-torn Syria.

A group called Syrian Solidarity New Zealand staged a protest at 2pm today in the central Auckland precinct, demanding Kiwi politicians threaten to cut ties with Russia and Iran over the ongoing situation in Aleppo - where thousands of people await evacuation in the ongoing battle for control between the Syrian government and rebels.

Ali Akil of Syrian Solidarity NZ told theĀ HeraldĀ he believes it's time for Prime Minister Bill English to step in and help save the lives of Syrian civilians.

"Specifically in Aleppo, besieged Aleppo, where there's a hundred thousand people trapped where all the hospitals have been bombarded, all the schools have been bombarded, all the bakeries have been bombarded, there's no food left, no medicines left, no power... Nothing at all," Akil said.

"We ask the Government of New Zealand to do all it can to stand for the people of Syria against these terrorists and these people who are committing all these atrocities."

A small faction of people ended up clashing with the Syrian Solidarity NZ group.

Some of them were wearing baseball caps with the slogan "Make America Great Again", as worn by US President-elect Donald Trump.