Today, NZTA released details of the six options considered for the Princes St ramp, all of which required the removal of a number of houses.

The preferred option is called the "zig-zag" option and involves the pathway extending to Princes St via a 5.5m wide ramp on a 1:20 gradient and the purchase of the six houses.

Thackwray said the zig-zag option provides safety and easy access to the pathway.

Carol Brown and her husband Rod slammed the report, saying it was cobbled together to justify NZTA's bad decision.

They said the points used in the assessment criteria of -2 value for money, -2 built heritage, +3 landscape and visual, +2 social/amenity, +3 noise operation, are conveniently designed to support NZTA's decision.

It is a disgrace, they said, that such little value is based on Northcote Point's important historic heritage value.

Public consultation of NZTA's resource consent application for SkyPath and running the Northern Pathway on the western side of SH1 to Esmonde Rd at Takapuna closes today, April 19.

The project, costing about $240 for SkyPath and $120m for the extension to Esmonde Rd, is part of a $6.8 billion package of transport projects announced by the Government in February, of which $3.5b will be spent in Auckland.