Most Kiwis to miss only lunar eclipse of the year

Chelsea Daniels,
Publish Date
Monday, 21 January 2019, 2:02PM
A blood moon lunar eclipse was visible last July. (Photo / AP)
A blood moon lunar eclipse was visible last July. (Photo / AP)

The only total lunar eclipse of 2019 will take place tonight, but Kiwis will likely be unable to see it.

The event, known as a 'blood moon', occurs when the shadow of the Earth falls on the moon, turning it a reddish-orange.

The total phase of the eclipse will be visible from parts of Europe, western Africa, and northern Russia.

The lunar drama will have a potential viewing audience of some 2.8 billion people.

In New Zealand, only those in the far-north will have the potential to see it at about 8.45 tonight.

Even then, you would have to go to a high point or find an unobstructed area with free sight to east-northeast for the best view.

Current weather forecasts predicts a chance of cloud and showers tonight in Kaitaia and Kerikeri. 

Kiwis will have a better chance of seeing a partial lunar eclipse, which is expected for July 17.


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