Michael Laws: 'Africa represents the very worst of humanity'

NZ Herald,
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Thursday, 6 September 2018, 4:36p.m.
The former mayor has courted controversy once again. (Photo / NZ Herald)
The former mayor has courted controversy once again. (Photo / NZ Herald)

Divise Otago Regional Councillor (ORC) Michael Laws has caused controversy with a public Facebook post in which he refers to Africa as "the very worst of humanity".

The post, published earlier this week, links to a BBC article about dozens of elephants killed in Botswana.

"Since I was a small child I've always believed that Africa represents the very worst of humanity - that our ancestors walked out of the continent because they were smart enough to make that assessment. Jesus wept," Laws wrote.

Following a string of complaints from Facebook users, Laws addressed the issue yesterday, in a separate post.

"You will laugh at this," he began, before asking people to share the post as a "brilliant example of the 'I'm offended brigade' being taken seriously by journalists".

Laws then shared a request for comment sent to the ORC by Tim Miller, reporter for theĀ Otago Daily Times.

"We've been contacted by a few members of the public complaining about a post on Cr Michael Law's [sic] Facebook page which they have interpreted as racist," Miller said. He then asked ORC whether any formal complaints had been lodged about the post or whether the ORC would like to make a statement about it.

"Jesus wept. AGAIN," Laws added.

Both posts were made on Michael Laws public Facebook profile, not a Facebook page. Only people approved by Laws are able to comment on the posts.

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