Man jailed for 'sadistic' family violence

Kelly Dennett, NZ Herald,
Publish Date
Tue, 13 Feb 2018, 5:33PM
An Auckland man has been jailed for 12 years after inflicting "sadistic" violence on his partner and children. (Photo / File)
An Auckland man has been jailed for 12 years after inflicting "sadistic" violence on his partner and children. (Photo / File)

Man jailed for 'sadistic' family violence

Kelly Dennett, NZ Herald,
Publish Date
Tue, 13 Feb 2018, 5:33PM

 Graphic warning

An Auckland man inflicted "sadistic and unprecedented" violence on his family for 15 years in a case thought to be one of the worst family violence cases of its kind in New Zealand.

The 46-year-old can't be named to prevent identification of his victims, who have statutory name suppression. He shook his head throughout the sentencing at the High Court at Auckland on Tuesday, where he was jailed for 12 years by Justice Mathew Downs.

His lawyer John Kovacevich told the court his client continued to deny the offending and said the victims had been "brainwashed" into laying complaints.

The scale of the violence over the lengthy period made it difficult for Crown prosecutor Fiona Culliney to find case law that assisted with the sentencing, the court was told.

Culliney said in court it was "fortunate" the defendant wasn't facing a charge of murder considering the seriousness of the offending, and told Justice Downs there was no charge in the Crimes Act that fully encapsulated the "sadistic" torment inflicted on his partner and their children.

The man was found guilty at trial of 38 charges including wounding with intent, injuring with intent, assault with a weapon, common assault, assault on a child, male assaults female, and breaching a protection order; and plead guilty to a further charge of assault with intent to injure.

The worst of the violence involved beating the woman around the head so often she went blind in one eye, throwing a jug of boiling water on her, throwing a soup bowl, a hairbrush and a mug at her head- scarring her- disfiguring her ear, and hitting her with a car door so violently the woman miscarried.

In one episode he drove into her with his car, pinning her between the car and garage door, and sat in the idling vehicle watching her for a period while she screamed in pain. Sometimes he ordered her into the cold night naked before welcoming her back with a hot bath and cup of tea.

The violence was witnessed by six of the couple's seven children, who were also assaulted. They were beaten with a wooden belt, thrown down stairs and into walls, and assaulted with various weapons around the home, according to the summary of facts.

The only child not assaulted wasn't living in the family home.

The man exerted huge control over the family, including forbidding the children from leaving the home to play with others, phoning his partner, a student, multiple times during the day, controlling the finances, and keeping her identification. He prevented her from seeking medical attention and after breaking her wrist during one attack, she made her own splint and the break didn't heal properly.

The court heard the man encouraged the children to denigrate their mother and forced them to find weapons around the home to assault her with.

"The result was a climate of fear and control in a household dominated by your violence," Justice Downs said. "Your offending appears to be of unprecedented seriousness." The only other offending in case law comparable was described by a previous sentencing Judge as 'about as bad as it can get'.

"Sadly, there's is always a more serious case, and for the moment, yours is it," Justice Downs said.

The woman and her children didn't provide victim impact statements to the court, their explanation being they wanted to move on with their lives, having had to go through the ordeal of giving evidence during the trial.

In sentencing him to 12 years imprisonment Justice Downs ordered he serve at least six years.

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